Inexpensive Cloud Servers and Web Servers

Some thoughts from ham radio operator K6JM —

This site is built using a free domain name from FreeNom.  It runs on a small virtual private server at VIRMACH which costs was US $10 for the first year, then $12.50/year thereafter.  Thanks to Steve N4IRS for the tip and how he got the first year lower price.

Click here for how I navigated their site to get that promotion.

VIRMACH offers a wide variety of Linux distros.  This site uses Ubuntu 18.04LTS.  Using guidance from this article, it was expanded to a LEMP server — Linux, Engine-x/NGINX, MySQL (in the form of Mariadb) and PHP.  Once the LEMP stack was in place, WordPress was installed.  Finally, Lets Encrypt (another wonderful free service) was installed to provide SSH/https access to the site.

VIRMACH is an excellent way to stand up inexpensive cloud hosts.  It is especially suited for cloud servers, running, for example, DVSwitch or HBLink software.  VIRMACH is perfect for this, since many of the programs in the DVSwitch suite require minimal computer resources.  If you install programs that need a bit more computing resource, VIRMACH’s upgrade prices are still very inexpensive,  And remember you are getting a great internet connection as part of the package.